Several Solutions for Online Homework

There has been huge research on synchronisation of e-learning or online homework services. The research was based on interview with many tutors and students. Their views have been the main composition of this thesis.

The questions are based on interaction in online homework tutoring, real time conferences and student tutor relationship. According to the findings, the study has proved various positive aspects of online tutoring. However, there has been some dissatisfaction but steps are been formulated to mitigate loopholes in the services.

Distance education was always prevalent. Introduction of technological tools and aids has led to the evolution of online tutoring. The rapid transformation of information and communication technologies have made instructions online more easy and comfortable.

The environment is very important aspect of learning. With the use of various synchronous conferencing techniques process of online homework tutoring has become very interactive and beneficial.

There are various support services, which include face-to-face interaction. Self-instructional materials are provided to the students. This inculcates self-learning process. With self-learning, the process sharpens the inquisitive mind of the child. He reads more and questions more. There is a positive relation between the student and tutor. Since online tutoring takes, individual student differences problems into account there is resolutions to specific child problems. There is better understanding of child psychology.

These e-learning sessions are the modern way of understanding and handling tools and aids. The white board is replaced with PowerPoint slides and notes are replaced with PDF files mailed to the pupil. The audio-video features of online homework tutoring are very beneficial and useful for the pupil.

It is economical and saves time. Students have easy accessibility with teachers at any point of time. With live chats and video chats, there is no formality in between the students and teachers compared to the traditional way of text only synchronization of communication modern way of videos, audios and PPT’s are very quick and easy. Instant feedback is obtained from both ends.

There are no problems of attendance and missing classes. The data is sent and homework tutoring classes can be schedule according to ease and availability of student. Many preliminary examinations studies are held online. Students get relevant study material online. There are many demo classes for different subjects. The students receive latest notes framed on latest syllabus.

The best reference materials are available for students. This modern way of e learning provide in depth way of understanding a lesson. Present form of teaching and learning tutoring focuses only on delivery of lesson and completion of course. However, with online homework tutoring there is no bondage of time. A student can spend as much time on his subject according to his requirement.

There are options available for students today through online tutoring. The students have free will to choose his tutor. Student and tutor fit is the most important part of tutoring. With the advent of online homework or tutoring classes’ student teacher, fit objective is achieved.

Online tutoring has made life easy for a student. Today a child is involved with so many curricular activities, with online tutoring he can easy manage his day to day work and studies.