Right way of doing homework

Right amount of homework depends on some fluctuating variables like child’s age, skill and understanding ability. The homework should be such that it should benefit the child. The research has proved that a child in kindergarten till second grade can benefit from 10 to 20 minutes of his homework sessions; whereas children from second grade till sixth grade befits from 30 to 60 minutes of homework session.

Homework does not only benefit child but also his family. The commitment from the family helps the child in benefitting from the daily homework. Proper assistance from parents help the child to grow and understand things clearly.

There are few points which a parent and a child must keep in mind:

Right place for homework

Environment for homework should be correct. There should be proper lighting and calm place. Its often observed that young children prefer to work on dinning or kitchen table. The older children prefer their bedrooms. Parents can also monitor younger kids when they are sitting near them.

The parental control is also very important especially when students use computers or are working with online tutors.

Inculcate organizational skills

Parents should not do their child’s homework. They must help their child but not completely do their home work. The more a child practices his own homework the more he will develop organizational skills. US department of education recommends putting up a time table or a schedule to do list in common area of home. This will keep the parents in loop about various assignments and projects. This also pricks child to complete their homework. Completing work in right time within time frame makes the child organized and up to date.

It is also important for a child to fix every day time for home work. The scheduling becomes part of child’s routine and gets infused with the biotic clock of child. Regular study makes child habitual of glancing his course book which gets discipline in child’s routine. Last minute cramming is mitigated and a child knows his lessons much in advance before the tests or examinations.

Get involved and stay available

Do not micro manage your child. Stop hovering on him. You must be available for child during his studies. a parent should act as a facilitator and not investigator. Have a careful look over your child’s course studies and assignments. You must make note of his projects and upcoming test. Act as a monitor over your child’s way of learning.

Help your child to complete his homework. Always encourage the child and motivate him during very day homework routine. Keep the spirit of doing homework always high. Parent must guide their child however also encourage them to interact with their teachers. There should be a healthy interactive sessions with the teachers. Parent must attend parent teacher meetings and stay in touch with the teachers.

Homework speaks a lot about child’s performance level.  Parents along with teacher must instill the positive feelings of doing homework. Homework is a necessary tool in hands of teachers and parents which helps in child’s mental and academic development.