Parents getting involved in progress

Parents always want the best for their children. When a child struggles with school work or home work, they are open to hiring tuition assistance for their child. However, it is important for parents to know that the tuition experience of their child will be served much better with their involvement.

Some of the tips for the Parents to get involved in their child’s tuition experience are:

–          Ensure that you have agreed on a set of learning goals and objectives with the teacher and have received a learning plan for your child. The learning plan should be organized and well structured to provide enough time for the child to grasp the subject.

–          Ask questions to the child and also observe a couple of classes to ensure that the student teacher content is established and the child is able to raise and clarify doubts.

–          It is important that your child finishes all the work assigned by the teacher and is regular as well, to that objective it is important to go over the agenda with the child before the session begins

–          Agree on the assessment process with the tutor. It is important to know how the teacher plans to demonstrate progress made by the child. Discuss progress with the tutor regularly. Incorporate a 30 minute interaction session into the learning plan per week, so that the teacher is prepared with updates on your child’s progress. Take feedback from your child as well and let the teacher know what can be done to make the sessions more meaningful.

–          Be positive at all times. The teacher’s intent is to help and feedback received from the teacher should always be considered as valuable in meeting the learning goals.  It’s best not to react and work with the teacher as a team to help the child.

–          It is also important to check with the regular school teachers on the state of progress being made by the child, check the school scores, circle back feedback from school to the tutor and create a holistic learning environment for the child.

–          Ask the tutor to leave notes for you in areas where the tutor feels you can offer help, things like revision of concepts, reminding the child on dictation tests, checking for word meanings or searching some stuff on the internet are areas where the parents can work with the teacher and stay involved in the child’s progress.

–          Also, ensure that the tutor is not actually doing the homework for the child. The tutor has to be a guide and a mentor and help the student explore the right answers without discarding or rejecting their thoughts. The experience has to be beneficial and lead to the achievement of the learning goals.

–          The parents must ask the child if the pace of learning needs to be re-adjusted or if the child needs a little less of assistance as the time goes by. All these are signs that indicate the health of the sessions.

It is rewarding for the parent to see the success of their child. Parent participation in a child’s progress is a very satisfying and motivating experience for their relationship and of great value to the tutor as well.