Online Homework – The Next Generation Concept

In this digital age, taking online homework is nothing very special. However, the concept comes a long way in comparison to the traditional concept of class room homework. With the internet becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury, students and teachers alike are giving the concept of online homework, a green signal. The concept is highly used for subjects like math, physics and accounts.

The system of online homework ensues giving and taking the homework through the internet. Students today are impatient and like to get instant feedback on their homework which is not possible with the classroom based homework system. With the online homework system, they get results and responses instantly making them know their mistakes and grades. It has also been seen that students who are taking the online homework are doing well in tests and getting high scores.

The concept of online homework is beneficial for the instructors as well. They need not spend hours in formulating homework assignments, distributing them and then checking each of them laboriously. The feedback with the online homework system is instant enabling better scores. The teachers who are favorably using the online homework system have several options while setting the homework enabling the students to evaluate their performance while the lesson is still fresh in their minds.

It has also been seen that since the modern generation of students is more into gadgets and computers they do not shy from taking more work. This is in contrast to the traditional system of homework, where students feel burdened by the given homework. With the online system, the students are motivated to do more homework increasing the quality of their study time which results in better understanding of the problems under a given topic.

Benefits of The System For Students

The system of online homework is found to be very beneficial for the students. Since they have to deal with several classes, sports teams, jobs and family they can take up the homework when they can adjust it with their hectic schedule. Moreover, with the online version of textbooks also available, students need not buy the bulk, hard cover books. It is true that the online books also cost money, but it is still less than the hard cover books. Instant feedback and responses is another benefit that the system of online homework presents to the students.

Complications in the System

Although the system of online homework has received much appreciation from students and teachers, there is a section of teachers and students who do not advocate the concept completely. The primary reason given for the complexity of the system is that answers need to be given in the same format as given in the system. Any veering from the steps would be marked incorrect. Moreover, in places where the system requires the students to round off the decimal parts, it can create a problem as the end result could be different.

The teachers who are not too supportive of the system share the thought that since the students have the option to send multiple submissions, they can simply use the trial and error strategy without actually thinking and solving the problem. In addition, the possibility of cheating is also there. Students may be using the online homework websites to get their assignments done only to get good grades.

Therefore, the system of online homework still needs some polishing to provide the benefits that it is capable of.