Motivating Children for Hiring Tutors

Most students like to work through their homework issues on their own. A college student always prefers to work out problem areas with peers and friends rather than parents. The fact remains that a student can sometimes struggle through their school or college education and the right time to look for outside tuition help is before the struggle times lead to bad scores.  Parents who stay engaged and involved in their children’s education motivate their children to work with tutors to help maintain a consistent performance at school or college.

Parents must understand that their school or college children may require some help occasionally or on a more regular basis in some areas of formal education. Education is more holistic and demanding these days and it is not always possible to do well across subjects. For parents to know when to motivate their children to seek help, they must have a dialogue with their child, the child’s school and also define the learning goals of the child. Technically, a child may just need assistance on some college essay or project or tutorial etc. In that case the parent must guide the child to seek online assistance or even reach out to college or school tutors who may offer an after school class to help the student clear their doubts.

If a parent understands a child’s learning style or have received feedback from their school teachers that the child is struggling with a subject then they must seek more regular help. The parents must motivate their child to seek one on one tuition help or on line tuition help or even collaborative coaching.  A shy child who is not able to participate in class room interactions may do much better in an online mode and participate in discussion rooms or chat rooms and clarify their doubts. A child with gifted talents can sometimes get bored in regular school because the pace of learning is slow for them . A tutor can assist a gifted student stay engaged in learning by providing them with more meaningful problems that allow them to test and hone their skills. Overall the grades can only be made better if the tutor is hired and the student is committed to achieve learning goals with their help.

Another area where a child can be motivated to seek help is while preparing for competitive exams. Tutors at learning centers have tremendous experience in understanding the concepts that help succeed in the exams. A learning centre provides a mock environment for a student to take assessments and monitor their progress.  These practice sessions help the student to optimize their learning strategies and focus on areas where they need more help and practice.

Motivation for taking help actually emerges from the fact that a student is keen to demonstrate success at regular school and is inclined to do his best despite the odds. The tutoring process helps the student build confidence and the parents gain reassurance that the child is engaged with the right tutor and will eventually navigate the learning curriculum successfully.