Help your child with his homework

According to a recent study by Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University, if you regularly help your child in his homework it may not deliver higher results in near future. If you help an adolescent in his homework it may not be beneficial for him. Parent involvement is very important for child’s academic and social development; however there are different ways of involving yourself. Some of the activities which have turned out to be very beneficial are communicating your expectations and goal setting.

Provide structure

Parents must help their child in their homework. It does not mean solving your child’s problems but to help him develop good homework habits. As a parent you must focus on a fixed time schedule for your child. Good study habits and timely finishing homework develops discipline and good organizational skills in your child. Discuss about the right homework time with your child. Since the decision is unanimous child will never complain about doing homework. There should be well-lit area, free from distraction and comfortable sitting where a child can easily sit and concentrate in his homework. All the supplies and stationeries must be easily accessible to the child. Dictionary should always be available next to child; he must have a habit of looking up for difficult words in the dictionary.

Keep a close look into child’s assignments and progress

It is very important as a parent to have a close association with the child’s class teacher. Parent teacher associations bring out true picture of a child. With right discussions this will be very helpful for child’s future. When assignments and projects are given discuss with the teacher what she expects. Help your child how to write his assignments and other details. Whenever a child discusses his problems or any other details of homework, parent should be ever interested and ready to help the child in his homework. Always give positive feedback to your child which infuses confidence and sense of achievement. Parents must review their child’s assignments and keep a proper control over his projects.

Help your child with reading homework

Homework is not always about writing, help your child in his reading homework. Listen when the child reads out to you loud. There are some very important Homework Tips for Parents by US Government’s No Child Left Behind Policy. When a child is reading out a story to you there are few things which can develop his thinking capabilities. You can ask the child in the beginning of the story to speculate about the upcoming plot. You can ask the child to explain the scenes by looking into the pictures. Discuss characters of the story, keep a check on pronunciation. Look for difficult words and explain him the right meanings. Ask comprehensions and let the child summarize the stories. Discuss the favorite characters and moments in the story.

By showing interest in your child’s homework you can help the child in his homework. Developing right homework attitude is a very important responsibility of a parent.