Ethical Implications Of Online Homework Services

Gone are the days when students turned to their classmates to get help during the before-final-exams cram sessions. Those were the times when you could see students scrambling here and there with several books under their arms and a worried look on the face. The scene has now changed to students intently watching their laptop or tablet screens with online solutions to textbook problems, lecture notes, answers to previous exam questions and real time help with subjects like math, physics and computer science.

The evolution of the online homework services has transformed the way the students today, study. These websites help students with not only complex problems in subjects like math or physics, but they also take care of subjects like literature and computer science with complete step-by-step solutions to the concerned problem.

While the online services are proving to be a boon for the students as they have solutions to complex problems, there is also the question of ethics. Are the students really using the online homework services only to get answers to complex problems which they are not able to get on their own? The increased use of the online services for giving homework is also responsible for the unethical use of these websites. Professors find it easy to give homework online without changing the questions.

Students who until now were in the habit of taking homework and toiling over it to complete it now have an easy solution by way of the online homework services. These websites readily accept assignments to be completed within a stipulated time, of course for a fee. They provide answers to complex math and science problems. Besides this, these websites also complete essays, assignment papers, research projects and other papers. This raises the question that if the students are not doing the homework given for the purpose of practice and getting it outsourced then the whole idea of homework is absurd.

So, then does this means that the online homework services are to be blamed? Here the blame is not on the online homework services but on the students who are using these services for their benefit without realizing the implications of such outsourcing of their homework. The websites are available to give information and aid but students use them to their advantage in making them complete the entire homework assignments.

With this type of assignment outsourcing, the students are able to get their homework done on time but since they haven’t attempted the questions themselves, they are unable to understand the topic well. This results in a poor show when the tests are taken.

People are of the view that the genie is now out of the bottle. It is difficult to put it back. Therefore, the onus of using the online homework sites wisely rests on the shoulders of the students who should use them not just to get readymade solutions but to understand the concepts which they otherwise find difficult to comprehend. The online homework websites are a humble solution but they should not be abused.