Effective Cooperation with the Tutor

Tutors are helpful people who like to work with the student community and make life easier for them.

It is essential to co-operate with the tutor in the best interest of your child. A tutor engaged for homework assistance will be able to help your child get prepared for their homework. It is important to know that the tutor will not ensure that the homework is finished or done as the ultimate goal is for the child to be ready to do the homework.

Some tips to get the most out of the homework help tutor would be:

-Be punctual and prepared at least 15 minutes ahead of the agreed session time. This ensures time to focus and plan for the tasks ahead.

– Ensure the session happens at a time when the student is well rested and not hungry or distracted with any other chores or lessons.

-If the tutor had asked for reading or researching a topic before the session starts, ensure that it is completed and done and keep the notes ready for review. In case the homework or assignment has already been shared with the tutor and help is being asked post their review, then ensure their feedback is noted and incorporated in the final draft.

-Be prepared with your work. Write down your homework and what you know about it, what is expected and what you would like help with. If you have been able to do a part of the homework and are struggling with the rest, ensure you show the completed part so that the teacher is able to focus on the overall big picture while providing inputs on areas that the child is struggling with.

-Do provide enough time to the teacher, while they will do their best to help sometimes it is impossible to get best results in less time.

-Keep all books, reference material, school work, booklets and worksheets ready and available while discussing homework. Wasting time while a teacher is sitting around is not helpful for both of them. Organize the areas where the child needs continuous help, let the tutor know of any feedback received from the school teachers or any special instructions related to the assignments so that the same is incorporated in their coaching sessions.

– Incorporate the tutor’s feedback and agree on a follow through process if needed. The follow through after a session can happen through a call or an email or through a chat.

-After the submission has been done and the school feedback obtained, it is important to share the same with the tutor. A few words of appreciation to the tutor on a good score will help and constructive feedback on what has not worked for the child will also be valuable for the tutor.

Homework can become very enjoyable for the child if the right caliber of help is hired for the purpose. The parents need to be an interested party in the process and be constantly available to monitor progress and support the tutor to achieve the end results for the best interest of their child.