Drawbacks of Online Homework

This is the age of the internet where virtually everything is available online and can be purchased right from the comfort of your home. Compared to e-shopping, learning can be considered as the other end of the spectrum. Internet has come up not just as a place to scour information, but it has become the medium to communicate, share and learn. In this regard, internet is increasingly being used to learn new things and concepts even from far off places.

Nevertheless the concept of e-learning is fast gaining popularity as students and teachers alike are finding this medium as the best way to learn and deliver. Students are taking up online homework given to them by their teachers. There is no need to attend offline lectures or classes. Similarly, teachers are able to provide extensive training to students by assigning regular homework through the internet.

While all seems well, there are certain areas where the concept of online homework has flaws over the regular method of teaching and learning. These drawbacks are mentioned as below:

Cost Factor: certain online homework programs can be availed only after making a payment. Students regard this payment as uncalled for as they are already paying tuition fees. They are of the view that the tuition fees should be inclusive of the online homework fees as it pinches to pay separately.

Flaws in Technology: online homework programs rely on technology. The online answers are deemed correct only if they are submitted in the exact format as specified. As there is no human to convene these homework programs, students are left wondering about their understanding of the subject. A correct answer could be deemed wrong by the program if it has not been submitted in the exact format. This is not the case with offline homework as teachers not only go for the answer but consider the steps taken to solve a problem.

Error with the System: in all its likeliness there is the possibility of the website having wrong answers either due to human typo errors or due to a system failure. Whatever the reason, an incorrect answer at the website would mark the correct answers filled by students as incorrect. This again could be a deterrent in the student’s confidence on his knowledge of the subject. In addition to this, the online system is very much dependent on the broadband service which might affect the speed of the connection when the student is taking the homework. At times the website could be facing a downtime or is not just working.

No Human Intervention: without any human intervention, the link between a student and teacher is lost somewhere. The liberty to reach out a teacher in case of a query is not possible with the online homework system.

All these factors attribute to the drawbacks of the online homework system. However, these flaws are only temporary and can be solved at the grass root level. The fact is that there are more benefits of the system than the drawbacks. With the online homework system in place, students are able to practice more as they are exposed to higher levels of problems after the completion of each phase.

It can be said that the integration of the online as well as the offline concept of study and homework is ideal for the students as they can gain the benefit of experience of their teachers while using technology to practice.