Parents getting involved in progress

Parents always want the best for their children. When a child struggles with school work or home work, they are open to hiring tuition assistance for their child. However, it is important for parents to know that the tuition experience of their child will be served much better with their involvement.

Some of the tips for the Parents to get involved in their child’s tuition experience are:

–          Ensure that you have agreed on a set of learning goals and objectives with the teacher and have received a learning plan for your child. The learning plan should be organized and well structured to provide enough time for the child to grasp the subject.

–          Ask questions to the child and also observe a couple of classes to ensure that the student teacher content is established and the child is able to raise and clarify doubts.

–          It is important that your child finishes all the work assigned by the teacher and is regular as well, to that objective it is important to go over the agenda with the child before the session begins

–          Agree on the assessment process with the tutor. It is important to know how the teacher plans to demonstrate progress made by the child. Discuss progress with the tutor regularly. Incorporate a 30 minute interaction session into the learning plan per week, so that the teacher is prepared with updates on your child’s progress. Take feedback from your child as well and let the teacher know what can be done to make the sessions more meaningful.

–          Be positive at all times. The teacher’s intent is to help and feedback received from the teacher should always be considered as valuable in meeting the learning goals.  It’s best not to react and work with the teacher as a team to help the child.

–          It is also important to check with the regular school teachers on the state of progress being made by the child, check the school scores, circle back feedback from school to the tutor and create a holistic learning environment for the child.

–          Ask the tutor to leave notes for you in areas where the tutor feels you can offer help, things like revision of concepts, reminding the child on dictation tests, checking for word meanings or searching some stuff on the internet are areas where the parents can work with the teacher and stay involved in the child’s progress.

–          Also, ensure that the tutor is not actually doing the homework for the child. The tutor has to be a guide and a mentor and help the student explore the right answers without discarding or rejecting their thoughts. The experience has to be beneficial and lead to the achievement of the learning goals.

–          The parents must ask the child if the pace of learning needs to be re-adjusted or if the child needs a little less of assistance as the time goes by. All these are signs that indicate the health of the sessions.

It is rewarding for the parent to see the success of their child. Parent participation in a child’s progress is a very satisfying and motivating experience for their relationship and of great value to the tutor as well.

Motivating Children for Hiring Tutors

Most students like to work through their homework issues on their own. A college student always prefers to work out problem areas with peers and friends rather than parents. The fact remains that a student can sometimes struggle through their school or college education and the right time to look for outside tuition help is before the struggle times lead to bad scores.  Parents who stay engaged and involved in their children’s education motivate their children to work with tutors to help maintain a consistent performance at school or college.

Parents must understand that their school or college children may require some help occasionally or on a more regular basis in some areas of formal education. Education is more holistic and demanding these days and it is not always possible to do well across subjects. For parents to know when to motivate their children to seek help, they must have a dialogue with their child, the child’s school and also define the learning goals of the child. Technically, a child may just need assistance on some college essay or project or tutorial etc. In that case the parent must guide the child to seek online assistance or even reach out to college or school tutors who may offer an after school class to help the student clear their doubts.

If a parent understands a child’s learning style or have received feedback from their school teachers that the child is struggling with a subject then they must seek more regular help. The parents must motivate their child to seek one on one tuition help or on line tuition help or even collaborative coaching.  A shy child who is not able to participate in class room interactions may do much better in an online mode and participate in discussion rooms or chat rooms and clarify their doubts. A child with gifted talents can sometimes get bored in regular school because the pace of learning is slow for them . A tutor can assist a gifted student stay engaged in learning by providing them with more meaningful problems that allow them to test and hone their skills. Overall the grades can only be made better if the tutor is hired and the student is committed to achieve learning goals with their help.

Another area where a child can be motivated to seek help is while preparing for competitive exams. Tutors at learning centers have tremendous experience in understanding the concepts that help succeed in the exams. A learning centre provides a mock environment for a student to take assessments and monitor their progress.  These practice sessions help the student to optimize their learning strategies and focus on areas where they need more help and practice.

Motivation for taking help actually emerges from the fact that a student is keen to demonstrate success at regular school and is inclined to do his best despite the odds. The tutoring process helps the student build confidence and the parents gain reassurance that the child is engaged with the right tutor and will eventually navigate the learning curriculum successfully.

Effective Cooperation with the Tutor

Tutors are helpful people who like to work with the student community and make life easier for them.

It is essential to co-operate with the tutor in the best interest of your child. A tutor engaged for homework assistance will be able to help your child get prepared for their homework. It is important to know that the tutor will not ensure that the homework is finished or done as the ultimate goal is for the child to be ready to do the homework.

Some tips to get the most out of the homework help tutor would be:

-Be punctual and prepared at least 15 minutes ahead of the agreed session time. This ensures time to focus and plan for the tasks ahead.

– Ensure the session happens at a time when the student is well rested and not hungry or distracted with any other chores or lessons.

-If the tutor had asked for reading or researching a topic before the session starts, ensure that it is completed and done and keep the notes ready for review. In case the homework or assignment has already been shared with the tutor and help is being asked post their review, then ensure their feedback is noted and incorporated in the final draft.

-Be prepared with your work. Write down your homework and what you know about it, what is expected and what you would like help with. If you have been able to do a part of the homework and are struggling with the rest, ensure you show the completed part so that the teacher is able to focus on the overall big picture while providing inputs on areas that the child is struggling with.

-Do provide enough time to the teacher, while they will do their best to help sometimes it is impossible to get best results in less time.

-Keep all books, reference material, school work, booklets and worksheets ready and available while discussing homework. Wasting time while a teacher is sitting around is not helpful for both of them. Organize the areas where the child needs continuous help, let the tutor know of any feedback received from the school teachers or any special instructions related to the assignments so that the same is incorporated in their coaching sessions.

– Incorporate the tutor’s feedback and agree on a follow through process if needed. The follow through after a session can happen through a call or an email or through a chat.

-After the submission has been done and the school feedback obtained, it is important to share the same with the tutor. A few words of appreciation to the tutor on a good score will help and constructive feedback on what has not worked for the child will also be valuable for the tutor.

Homework can become very enjoyable for the child if the right caliber of help is hired for the purpose. The parents need to be an interested party in the process and be constantly available to monitor progress and support the tutor to achieve the end results for the best interest of their child.




Homework Tutoring

Web is omnipresent. The search engines can extract any information in fractions of seconds. This feature of technology is a boon for us.  With this fast information, the pace of receiving quality and steady education has accelerated.

Tutoring is one such profession, which has  modified due to fast internet services. Online Homework Tutoring has seen escalating growth over the years. Continue reading

Help your child with his homework

According to a recent study by Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University, if you regularly help your child in his homework it may not deliver higher results in near future. If you help an adolescent in his homework it may not be beneficial for him. Parent involvement is very important for child’s academic and social development; however there are different ways of involving yourself. Some of the activities which have turned out to be very beneficial are communicating your expectations and goal setting. Continue reading

Right way of doing homework

Right amount of homework depends on some fluctuating variables like child’s age, skill and understanding ability. The homework should be such that it should benefit the child. The research has proved that a child in kindergarten till second grade can benefit from 10 to 20 minutes of his homework sessions; whereas children from second grade till sixth grade befits from 30 to 60 minutes of homework session.

Homework does not only benefit child but also his family. The commitment from the family helps the child in benefitting from the daily homework. Proper assistance from parents help the child to grow and understand things clearly. Continue reading

Online homework services transforming education

Today the world is much more demanding as it was few years back. This change has led to the evolution of new things and development of science and technology. We have more options than our ancestors. The innovation and technology has developed different spheres of life. Life of a student has changed tremendously due to this development. Today students have much more options, which were not available in past. With the comfort of internet and other mediums, relevant information is just at a click away distance. Continue reading

Online tools for homework help

The most important part of homework online is the use of enhanced tools. The use of internet for education could not have been better than this. The use of chats, emails, video conferencing and telephones gives you the best learning experience back at home.
The tutoring services in the physical world are much more expensive than homework tutoring services online. Through online homework services, larger mass can be covered. There is no investment on infrastructure. Thus, this leads to lower teaching rates, which finally benefits the child. However, the rates may vary from one service to another. Continue reading

Seek homework help online

It is very important to develop the right attitude in child for homework. It is very important for parents as well as teachers to make the child realize the importance of homework. Students, who are particular with their homework, later lead a very successful life. It is very important as a parent to make him realize that you are there for his homework help. This encourages the child to do his homework.

According to a recent study by US Department of Education, if you regularly help your child in his homework it may not deliver higher results in near future. If you help an adolescent in his homework it may not be beneficial for him. Parent involvement is very important for child’s academic and social development; however there are different ways of involving yourself. Some of the activities which have turned out to be very beneficial are communicating your expectations and goal setting. Continue reading

Online Homework

With the popular demand of Homework Online Tutoring, classes there are many companies, which have entered the market of online education. These online tutoring companies have gained a lot of appreciation and spotlight. These companies have shown the students various benefits of online tutoring.

The students have realised that it is the best way to understand a new or an old subject. With better understanding of subjects, people gain better grades. Continue reading